What do I wear?

The dress attire is casual. Typical attire is jeans and a T-shirt.

What’s the service like?

At 10:00 am we have social time and refreshments (coffee, donuts, bagels etc.) for about 30 minutes. We start singing at 10:30 – 10:45 followed by a  message from the Pastor. We end at 11:30 am and you are welcome to stay and visit.

What do you mean by “singing”?

You are free to sit or stand during the singing time. You can sing along or just observe while while our band plays a mix of upbeat or reflective christian songs.

Is there Child Care?

Yes! Children stay with parents during refreshment/social time from 10:00-10:30 and then are dismissed with our children’s teachers.

For ages 5 and under, there is always one adult and one youth helper. All workers and volunteers are child safety trained and background checked. Pagers are available for younger children during service in the case that a child needs their parent. All children need to be signed in at the beginning of service and signed out only by a parent or parent designee. The younger children (below the age of 5) have play time, a story or craft and small lesson. The older kids, (ages 6 through 12)  have a more in-depth bible study time followed by prayer and fun. 

Do you take communion?

Yes, once a month we have a communion service and we share in the sacraments. All are welcome to partake.